Turkeys and Christmas

Well, this is a surprise, isn\’t it?

Arts Council England (Ace) was plunged into a crisis when 500 of the country\’s top actors passed an unprecedented vote of no confidence in the organisation over cuts it is making in grants to almost 200 theatres and music companies.

The supplicants for your and my money are hardly going to cheer when the swill trough is removed now, are they?

Mr Hewitt was told by Sam West, Alison Steadman and Caroline Quentin that hitting regional and London fringe theatres would have a damaging knock-on effect that would lead to the whole of British theatre being "starved " of plays, directors and actors.

Snigger. Cue Dr. Strangelove and the mines gap. One thing the UK is never going to have a shortage of is luvvies.

Let\’s get this straight shall we? There shouldn\’t be any taxpayer subsidy for the arts. You like it, you love it, great, get out there and do it. If you\’re not good enough to draw a large enough paying crowd to make money out of it then you\’re going to have to do it for free.  There\’s really no reason to tax the dustman and the nurse for this indoor relief for that part of the population that likes to show off.


2 thoughts on “Turkeys and Christmas”

  1. “…Mr Hewitt was told by Sam West, Alison Steadman and Caroline Quentin…”

    The absense of such people as these three from our theatre scene would be a bad thing….?

  2. Why should I subsidise the arts? I don’t have to subsidise crown green bowling, boozing, bingo, or pornography. The arts are no different, they are human pursuits of interest to those who join in. They produce nothing tangible.
    Let those who enjoy the arts, sport, and porn, pay for them.

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