Very Good

The trouble is that Brown does not have the panache to lean across the dispatch box and saw to Cameron, “I understand that you are concerned about strange people occupying high places in our public life – may I lend you a mirror.”

2 thoughts on “Very Good”

  1. Oh, yes! Quick! Someone send that line to Obama. Even he ought to be able to use it (or adapt it) in his next tete-a-tete with Clinton.

    P.S. Yours is a rare example of when the use of very actually means something as well.

  2. “it is likely to rebound – see Hilary’s tears”

    One of the reasons I dislike Broon so much, is the fear that he might actually burst into paroxysms of tearful rage at PMQT. On live TV. I suspect he hovers on the edge of some sort of breakdown, most of the time. This is a very bad trait for someone who actually aspires to be an accomplished twister, full of chutzpah.

    Can’t we have the real clever crook back?

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