We\’ll Have to Shoot These Monkeys I\’m Afraid.

Male macaque monkeys "pay" for sex with females by grooming them, scientists have revealed.

The availability of females even affects the "price". Where there are fewer females, males are forced to groom their partners for up to twice as long before they are able to have sex, the research found.

For of course, the purchase of sex from females is to be made illegal.

But the reason for shooting them is not that they are breaking the law, oh no, it\’s that they are making Harriet Harman look stupid, and we can\’t have that now, can we, she does it so well herself. Ably assisted by Dennis MacShane, of course.

3 thoughts on “We\’ll Have to Shoot These Monkeys I\’m Afraid.”

  1. Just as a matter of interest, anyone know how much we’ll have to pay the monkeys to take up cabinet level positions ?

  2. I think there are some things even monkeys won’t do. Rubbing shoulder with the likes of Jack Straw & Harriet Harmen is probably one of them…

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