Why Review The Morning Star?

So why do programs like Newsnight review the Morning Star headlines?

Historical reasons really. There\’s a newspaper pack that goes to each Cabinet Minister. Every day, anywhere they are in the world (read by flunkies, of course).

Back in the late 90s it had 14 newspapers in it. Including the Morning Star. The TV programs are basing their reviews on the papers they know that the Ministers get.

Trivia bonus point. The Queen gets the same pack (I once delivered said pack to her through a snowstorm, pottering across Red Square to do so).

So you can amuse yourself with the idea of Brenda reading the commies over her tea and toast every morning.

1 thought on “Why Review The Morning Star?”

  1. And as a percentage of the Morning Star’s circulation, the copies for ministers, the BBC & Brenda are?….

    Answer to save looking it up:
    Say 28 for Westminster & one each for Her Maj & the Beeb on a circulation of 13,500 – just over 0.2%

    Must pay for the ink.

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