If that isn\’t the best £80k you will ever spend I don\’t know what is.

1 thought on “Yup”

  1. “He consumes 33kg of food from around the world a week, resulting in 4,370kg of greenhouse gases a year from transport costs.”


    “Wears washable nappies, saving 12kg of greenhouse gas emissions a year, compared with disposables.”

    Oh bravo! Let us all go back to Year Zero with state-controlled washable nappy pods, to save 12kg per year, compared to 4370kg on exotic food miles (a figure I don’t believe, by the way).

    Ever noticed how the eco movement sweats the small stuff so much? Is it because the small stuff can establish the principle that we are told what to do in every tiny detail of our lives?

    Fucking communists.

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