The Value of Trade

OK, OK, so these people are idiots but let\’s take their figures at face value shall we?

The United Kingdom is drastically over-populated and could support only 17 million people if it had to provide for the current 60 million from its own resources, says a study published on Monday.

That means 43 million people are alive, hale and hearty, because we trade with the rest of the world.

Good thing we do really, isn\’t it?

5 comments on “The Value of Trade

  1. And, indeed, we have traded with the rest of the world or as much of it as was known since the days of the Phoenicians. What’s with these people?

  2. 2/3s of the British population should die.
    Looks like your medical services are making great progress in that direction.
    How did you ever get so many people in power who hate you?

  3. I know a few people who really ought to volunteer to be among the first 43 million to be culled (i.e. those who some up with this crap), I mean, it must be worth a try?

  4. Hmm. Kill All politicians, thats a few thousand. Kill everyone who voted Labour, ever. Thats a few million, I suspect we’d still be well over 17 million left, but hell it’s a start!

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