Australian Bribery

The country really is upside down, you know?

A town planner has become embroiled in scandal after she allegedly demanded sex in exchange for approving millions of dollars of unlawful developments.

So, you\’re a developer, needing planning permission. 32 year old Aussie blonde female (not a bad looker, certainly not a munt) says, well, you can have the planning permission but only if you shag me.


3 thoughts on “Australian Bribery”

  1. In the witness box one denied having an affair with Ms Morgan but was presented with e-mails exchanged between them in which she described him as “my favourite, sexy, delectable, gorgeous Greek”. Michael Kollaras said by way of explanation that she was an “extremely close friend”.


  2. “All four regularly attended morning meetings of local heavyweights – known as “the table of knowledge” – at a Wollongong kebab shop.” heeeeeee.

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