Brendan Barber, TUC General Secretary.

And Brendan Barber, all round idiot. From the introduction to the TUC report on the tax gap:

Few issues can be more important to a modern democracy than the integrity of its tax system. The Budget is a highlight of the political year because it is the point at which Parliament allows government to continue. Without money, there could be no state and no society.

Sigh, the State and society are not synonymous. Society existed before the State and exists independently of it now.

We may well need a State, we may well make our lives better by having one (certainly, that\’s my view) rather than not, but society and the State are not the same thing. Further, society exists independently of Parliament, government and the appropriations of the tax system and the disbursements of the spending apparatus.

For example, let us take the Trades Union Congress. This is most definitely part of society: amongst other things it is the expression of that human right, the one to free association. Yet it is not dependent upon the State, is not fed with funds from the appropriations bills (well, it is in minor ways but that\’s not the point) and is a creature neither of the government nor Parliament.

Off you go and stand on the naughty step please Brendan, just ask Polly to shift over a little.

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  1. Quite a revealing thing to have said. In their heart of hearts they really do think society belongs to the State and can be changed and interfered with as our governors please. We are held in contempt by those to whom we have been foolish enough to lend authority.

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