Charging For Visas

The basic principle here seems sound enough:

Foreigners coming to Britain are to face a new "immigrant tax" under Government plans to try to make them help pay for the schools and hospitals they use, ministers are to announce.

Why not charge people who want to come here? However:

Sources indicate that the additional levy could be set at 10 per cent of the visa fee – an additional £20 for the usual £200 visa granted to those wishing to stay in Britain longer than six months.

That\’s not actually what they\’re doing. The amount is so inconsequential, almost certain to be swallowed up in the costs of administrating the scheme, that it\’s simply a political gesture, look, see, we\’re doing something about all these appalling foreigners. Dog whistle stuff.

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  1. Bear in mind, also, that immigrants have a choice. The Canadians charged a £500 “landing fee” (as well as huge fees for processing visas, and medicals that could only be done by one doctor in each UK region – who then charged what they liked).

    The whole Canadian immigration system is counter-productive and contains not a small element of spite. Classic dog-whistle stuff. I took a closer look at Canada having been introduced to this system and cancelled my application.

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