Commissioner Patsy Hewitt


Patricia Hewitt, the former Health Secretary, is on course to become Britain\’s first woman Commissioner in Brussels after winning Cabinet backing to succeed Peter Mandelson.

Difficult to think of anything more likely to make them throw us out, eh?

9 thoughts on “Commissioner Patsy Hewitt”

  1. Why do they have to make it so damned difficult to maintain any enthusiasm for the EU? Why? It’s not like it’s easy in the first place, and then they go and staff the thing with the moronic dregs of the political class…

    Oh well, at least it’s not Hazel Blears.

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  3. I saw today that a member of our provincial government criticised bonuses for failure in private industry, so now Hewitt gets on the EU gravy train, another failed politico getting more for failure.
    And, no I don’t think she will give up other paying jobs, she’s a socialist for god’s sake.

  4. That Kinnock, Mandelson, now Hewitt and perhaps one day Blair, fit in the the EU bureaucracy tells us all we need to know about the standards of that institution.

  5. The Laughing Cavalier

    After the brilliant success she made of the NHS one can only look forward with bated breath to news of her equally brilliant achievements in Brussels.

  6. It does explain her incessant, stupid and in most cases, incomprehensible interventions, during the EU (amendment) bill debate, currently being ignored by our elected representatives.

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