Dear Mr. Pierce

The lack of adequate government funding for the arts is a major problem.

I\’m afraid you\’ve fallen at the first hurdle. That there is any government funding for the arts is a major problem.

Yet, instead of acknowledging this and fighting for a better deal, the Arts Council started wittering on about "relative excellence" and value for money.

If there is to be such funding you object to its being spent in the most efficient manner possible?

But we know why there was a capitulation yesterday. Not because the Government and Arts Council saw the error of their penny-pinching, target-driven ways. They gave in because Dame Judi and Sir Ian, and the other luvvies, pack a powerful punch in the media.

Indeed, it\’s us the taxpayers being robbed to pay those who have celebrity. It\’s easier for the politicians to pay the blackmail than it is to tell them to go swivel.

As you point out, those who cannot get onto the front page of the newspapers with their ransom demands do not get them paid.

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  1. This relates, believe me.

    At least part of the current hiatus about arts funding (or subsidies) has been caused because the lottery is diverting a huge tranche of money from the arts to funding (or subsidising) the 2012 Olympics gravy train.

    Try this from a recent frontpage piece in the London Evening Standard on the magnificent salaries being paid to the Olympic chiefs:

  2. Military expenditure is forever criticise on the grounds that “one tank means x fewer nurses” – a precludes b. Have you ever heard it said how many hip replacements an opera house costs?

    The urge to perform is ingrained in human nature – the arts will always prosper and can do so without government largesse.

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