Department of the Blindingly Obvious.

Britain is facing an infertility timebomb because the increasing use of IVF means that couples with inherited fertility problems are able to have children and pass the condition on to the next generation, scientists report today.

Well, duh!

Where the inability to have children is as a result of a genetic defect, if those genes get passed along…..

Although it also has to be pointed out that donor insemination, the largest part of the assisted conception industry, clearly doesn\’t suffer from the same problems.

2 thoughts on “Department of the Blindingly Obvious.”

  1. It’s ridiculous. A timebomb is something that gets more dangerous with time. If we are able to counter these infertility issues now, then with advances in medical technology, we will do even better in the future ergo the problem will be lessened rather than exacerbated. Pure nonsense.

  2. not nonsense,the more assistance needed to become pregnant(due to genes) the more will be needed in the future
    I figure by that time ,they will develop their own eggs and sperm from regular body cells and incubate in a glass tube..
    ie… no problems ,unless one has to forgo those aids

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