Diane Abbott MP

Tell it like it is Rod:

That gurgling ball of self-satisfaction, Diane Abbott MP, pronounced on television last week that she thought Chairman Mao had done “more good than bad”.

There are two possible explanations for this. The first, and kindest, is that Ms Abbott is pig-ignorant. The second is that she is perfectly well aware of the millions upon millions of people Mao starved to death during his “Great Leap Forward”, and the millions more who were killed or had their lives destroyed by his cultural revolution – but thinks that by and large, these are trivialities, mere footnotes to history.

Frankly, having watched Abbott closely over the years, it could easily be either.

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  1. To make the same point as comments elsewhere on this blog not hours ago, you can’t make a gigantic rancid gritty omelette without shooting millions and millions of eggs.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Yes. Well Mussolini got the trains to run on time. And Pol Pot certainly had a very effective Greenhouse gas policy. Not to mention that Adolf guy got the Germans back to work and tackled crime very effectively.

    What is it about human beings that faced with the Deepest Pits of Hell they want to leap in and take us with them?

    I despair of my species. From now on I declare I am a cat. At least they are honest about being psychopathic killers.

  3. After watching This Week over the years I think “Ms Abbott is pig-ignorant” is the correct answer. On big issues such as Iraq she shows a level of ignorance of even basic geography and history that is breathtaking.

  4. “On big issues such as Iraq she shows a level of ignorance of even basic geography and history that is breathtaking.”

    Yes, well, she doesn’t have to know any of those things to have a majority of the people in her constituency vote for her. The fact that she is black, female and wears a red rosette is enough…

  5. “After watching This Week over the years I think “Ms Abbott is pig-ignorant” is the correct answer.”

    She’s not there for her erudition about global issues (Portillo so outshines her). She’s there because she knows the Labour party internals intimately. She was there in the Blair Years as a Brownite, to give us insight into the TBGBs, and now she’s there to.. err..

  6. “She’s not there for her erudition about global issues”

    I enjoy her spouting nonsense on This Week but I cringe that she actually gets to vote on these issues in the House of Commons.

  7. BlacquesJacquesShellacques

    What happened to the usual closing in these cases of “How did we come to be ruled by fuckwits?”

  8. Like Michael Portillo, it seems that Diane Abbott also has a history degree awarded by Cambridge University (Newnham College) at a time before there were suggestions of grade inflation. As she then worked for a while in the Civil Service, it seems likely that her degree was at least an upper second. It would seem to follow that aspersions concerning the extent of her knowledge or her intelligence are apt to reflect adversely on the quality of the degrees awarded by her alma mater.

  9. It all rather shows , at least from the outside, that you lot dont matter much in the scheme of things. She is there and you ain’t.

  10. I freely admit to being deeply impressed by Diane Abbott’s decision on her son’s schooling:

    “Diane Abbott has been attacked by a fellow east London Labour MP for undermining local state schools by sending her son to a private school. Brian Sedgemore, MP for Hackney South, said Ms Abbott was sending the message that state schools were ‘rubbish’.”

    Obviously, Diane Abbott wasn’t short on the uptake about that.

  11. Diane Abbott’s own record on racism:

    1.Speaking at a summit in America, she claimed Britain invented racism and is the most racist country on earth
    2.In 1987, she tried to create a movement in the Labour party just for black people
    3.In 1989, she tried again
    4.She described Britain’s immigration policies as racist even though, in the past 50 years, Britain has allowed about 10 million of its population to become black, is becoming 100% black and, in her constituency, 73% of the school, college and uni population is now black.
    5.In 1998, suggested that all schools and teachers in Britain might be racist and this might be the reason why black students are, on average, a year behind whites (even taking into account social class). Her solution was to have more black teachers and fewer whites in Britain
    6.Opposed the creation in Britain of a special police force to deal with all the black gangs.
    7.In 2009, became outraged that the Guantanamo Bay inmate released in Britain may have been torchered and claimed British politicians don’t care. Because he’s black…
    7.Originates from the Caribbean where white people are routinely beaten, mugged and, amongst other things, incarcerated for fun .

    Anyone with a brain can see: this is an evil, evil black woman!

  12. It is good to see times are changing and all is becoming equal regardless of colour, age, race…. However you still have to remember where you are from and what made you, who you are today today. In Diane Abbott case I think she is no longer the person 20 years ago , humble and in touch with her people. I think she has become a snob and trying to…….

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