Dodgy Numbers

Gotta love this:

Under the new contract, responsibility for out-of-hours care automatically went to primary care trusts and as a result GPs, including part-time doctors, now work an average of 36.3 hours a week.

The piece has all sorts of numbers in it: £250k a year pay! and then that 36.3 hours a week. But look at the weasel "including part-time doctors". So what\’s the working week if you take out the part-timers?

I would assume that the average working week, as calculated including part timers, will have been declining for the last couple of decades actually. The medical profession, including GPs, is becoming increasingly feminised. There are thus many more part timers, those with young children etc.

Still, at least the Fawcett Society will be happy: someone is creating those high value part time jobs after all.

3 thoughts on “Dodgy Numbers”

  1. Ah the good old days of being on call for 24 hours. And you could get called out at 1AM to give a bloke a certificate for work.
    Still you could bring all that back by de-feminizing the medical work force.
    After all doctors are not meant to be equal but available. Or so you all say.

  2. Suppose I were a middle-aged GP. The government makes a pig’s ear of pay negotiations, and a huge pay rise falls into my lap. The government continuously makes my job less fulfilling by undermining my autonomy. My response: I work fewer days a week, while preserving my income and my sanity.

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