Economics Joke

You might need to be a bit of an economics geek to get this one.

But the candlemakers are calling for trade protection.

Yes, really.

For non-economics geeks, try this.

6 thoughts on “Economics Joke”

  1. By the by, I’m not sure “some possible daft tariffs on candles” really warrants an Auschwitz reference from the EUReferendum-ites (it’s the sort of flip, nonsensical comparison for which they’d be quick to scream antisemitism if a leftie did it…)

    Tim adds: Entirely fair comment I think. I just wanted to get the Bastiat joke in there.

  2. ivan:

    Don’t get you on the geography: the “empire of the sun” is Japan. Of course, the Chinese have always been worried about Japan. But the worried candlemakers in this case are Europeans upset about Chinese competition.

    I’m as willing to chuckle as the next guy–just need a reason to splutter my coffee. Sockitome!

  3. One is also reminded of Smith’s nostrum about the beneficence of the butcher, the brewer, the baker (and in this case the candlestick maker) and how none of these worthies is ever found in congress except to conspire against the public.

  4. David:

    That reminds of somethiing I read about an Indian (American) saying that the white man’s church must be their fur-trading center because every fur-trader, asked what he’d pay for various furs, always replied “I couldn’t tell you just now–see me on Sunday after church.” And, sure enough, when asked on Sunday after church, every trader would be quoting the same prices.

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