Erm, Nick?

All missed the point that tax havens are inherently criminal and would go under without the proceeds of crime. As John Christensen, director of the Tax Justice Network, puts it, they are enemy states, pirate islands that have declared economic war on the rest of the world. It\’s not just that they happen to be used by individual criminals – drug dealers, kleptomaniac African dictators – they are criminal entities themselves that survive by sucking potential revenues out of wealthy and destitute countries alike. If rich citizens obeyed the law, or tax havens ended their secrecy, offshore banking wouldn\’t exist.

You realise that you\’re using as your informant there a man who insists that England is a tax haven? Taking his ecidence from an OECD report which insists that Monaco is not? Might he not be, well, a trifle biased?

5 thoughts on “Erm, Nick?”

  1. Ooo-er. That puts the off-shore residents who’ve been appointed to run NR a company that put a sizeable proportion of its assets off-shore….
    Well he’s not advocating voting Labour then.

  2. I have just read the original article, and was thinking, What tripe! THEN I read the comments. Reading comments in the Guardian is a good penitential exercise: my word, the loathing and bitterness. Do go and read; they are wonderful.

  3. So a state which fails to extort money is letting the rest down? The writer obviously thinks that financial persecution is moral, and offering a safe haven to the persecuted is immoral. And the underlying criterion is about how much revenue money his sort get access to.

  4. I live in one of these tax havens (born here, not a tax exile, unfortunately) and I’m confused. What are we supposed to do? Tax ourselves into penury and make hats out of it?

    We don’t have an NHS, or an armed forces to pay for; no dole or DTI. Whether we should have one, or you should not, is open to debate, but what are we to do, use the convoy method of taxation and everyone goes at the same rate?

    What spoilt, petulant, little children.

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