Times Leader:

These wilderness areas have remained relatively untouched until now, because of the enormous cost involved in extracting oil from them. But a combination of higher oil prices, new technology and American demand has made them profitable.

Please lads, look up the word "fungible". It isn\’t American demand driving the exploitation of tar sands. It\’s global demand.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has already declared that California will not import fuel whose production generates too many greenhouse gases over its life cycle, thus ruling out the use of tar sands oil.

Again, please look up the word "fungible". It doesn\’t actually matter what Arnie says. If traditional oil goes to California then others will consume the crude from tar sands. Doesn\’t make any damn difference at all.

The Canadian Goverment has refused to cap production. It will not clamp down on this lucrative trade unless the US, its main trading partner, changes its tune. The next president must make this a priority.

Can I recommend the word "fungible" again?

2 thoughts on “Et Tu?”

  1. BlacquesJacquesShellacques

    So Schwarzy doesn’t like our greasy, dirty snowback tar sands crude, eh?

    It’s not just fungible it’s a chattel. We’ll sell it to buddy, who’ll sell it to buddy and then that buddy will refine it or something and sell it to Schwarzy, with some faked up paperwork telling him it’s from pure sweet Nigerian oil handcrafted by charming, chanting, Nigerian villagers and sold him by a banker in distress and all for a small, by which I mean large, profit.

    It will be as genuine as an awful lot of ‘organic’ fruits.

    I propose an economic theorem, which someone else probably discovered already, but it’s news to me. “Stupid rules result in economic logjams, which hold up money, which then goes to governments, sharp operators and crooks, instead of to those who created the wealth”

    Thanks Schwarzy, as I’m a bit bent myself, and I think I see a scheme to make a few bucks here, by which I mean a lot of bucks.

  2. BJS:

    Arnie’s a dope or a whore, most likely both.

    And he’s not got a prayer of excluding that very oil from the markets of Kalifornia. The same provision in the U.S. Constitution which has given the federal gummint the power to regulate (under the interstate commerce clause) intrastate commerce which could conceivably affect circumstances–including prices–of the interstate variety (in essence, virtually everything, including backyard-grown tomatoes) will trip up the Terminator.

    (The case in which that federal authority was upheld actually concerned a farm growing corn being fed to hogs on the same property).

    Suggestion: don’t get too close to orgasmic fruits. It doesn’t look nice and might be

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