Excellent Point!

The most popular micro-generation technology would probably be roof‑top photovoltaic solar panels, since it now seems that domestic wind-turbines have the slight drawback of generating only miniscule amounts of electricity.

But feed-in tariffs for solar panels would be an inequitable subsidy, since, if they are to succeed in stimulating investment, the rate paid to micro-generators per unit of electricity would have to be several times the retail electricity price, as it is in Germany. The result would be to increase everyone’s electricity bill in order to provide a guaranteed income to those with large roofs and the financial resources to invest in solar panels, a demographic one might term “the Camerons”.

3 thoughts on “Excellent Point!”

  1. Accurate analysis. The German payments to residential solar producers appear to be about 6 times the retail rate for energy delivered.

  2. Well we already increase everyone’s electricity bill (looked at yours lately?) to pay for all those stupid pointless windmills, so what’s new?

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