Gail Sheridan

Oh dear Gail:

The wife of Tommy Sheridan has been charged with lying under oath during the socialist politician\’s high-profile libel trial against the News of the World.

Gail Sheridan, 44, whose testimony formed a central part of her husband\’s case during a 23-day trial in 2006, was charged with perjury after six hours\’ questioning by detectives. Her father, Gus Healy, 71, who also testified at the trial, was also charged.

The move comes two months after officers charged Mr Sheridan with perjury.


Within the past 10 days three more of Mr Sheridan\’s colleagues – including a former MSP – have also been charged. Rosemary Byrne, 59, who lost her seat in the Scottish Parliament last year, Graeme McIver, 39, and Jock Penman, 58, were charged with perjury after voluntarily reporting to police for questioning.

All three testified on Mr Sheridan\’s behalf and are now members of his newly formed Solidarity party.


In a statement today, the party repeated its claim that Mr Sheridan and his colleagues were the victims of a "political witch-hunt". A spokesman said: "The only crime that Tommy Sheridan is guilty of is the crime of speaking truth to power."

I think the wheels are coming off that argument, don\’t you think so too?

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  1. Don’t forget Ken Livingstone and his use of ‘witch hunt’.

    Been at the sauce all day and are visibly pissed at official engagements? Sackable offence for anyone else, but oh no, it’s a ‘witch hunt’ for our Ken.

    Been caught laundering money to cronies via bogus intermediaries? Police are investigating the fraud, but oh no, it’s a ‘witch hunt’ for our Ken.

  2. The Times has missed one: Pat Smith was also charged (she was one of four attendees at the SSP executive committee meeting who gave evidence for Tommy at the defamation case – the others gave evidence the other way (after much prompting and in one case jail)).

    I’m hoping to blog the trial as it should take place just round the corner from me.

  3. Used to think that Tommy Sheridan had some integrity years ago and there’s no doubting his ability as an charismatic orator. Shame his overwhelming arrogance has done for him. He’s no better than every other self-serving, deluded politician and has single handedly discredited any alternative to MOR politics in Scotland. He imagines himself as some kind of icon for class warfare, but his rhetoric is embarrassing and hopelessly out of date.

  4. Best thing Tommo can do is call it a day. He is just a man after all- caught fair and square with his pants down. The oldest game in the world-politician- no chance-just another chancer.

    Take your medicine Tommy and give us all a break from the utter nonsense you have been spouting recently.

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