Is Martin Kettle a Cretin?


I have heard some risible arguments in my time, but this is one of the most pathetic of all. The idea that those who make their homes in this country should pay towards the public services from which they and their investments benefit is not exactly bolshevism.

Indeed, it isn\’t bolshevism. Indeed, it is a terribly normal thing to do. Which is why we do do it.

Non-doms pay exactly the same tax on their earnings in the UK as any other resident of the UK does. The only difference between a non-dom and a dom is that non-doms do not pay UK tax on the money they earn out of the UK and keep out of the UK. That\’s it.

Apparently Martin Kettle doesn\’t know this. Or does and deems it necessary not to reveal this.



6 thoughts on “Is Martin Kettle a Cretin?”

  1. Kettle should not worry the non-dom problem will be over soon. By April 3000+ will have moved to Switzerland taking all their evil money with them.

  2. ” taking all their evil money with them.”

    .. selling pounds to buy francs. Goodbye tax base, hello Sterling crash.

  3. Why would you assume they keep their money in sterling anyway? This seems like a version of the stop pricing oil in dollars and the dollar will collapse.

  4. “Why would you assume they keep their money in sterling anyway?”

    House prices in London are in Sterling. Selling a house and leaving the UK usually means selling Sterling too.

  5. Don’t think it works out. If the 3,000 have houses worth £3m on average, then that would be £9bn. What’s the daily tunover of Sterling in the forex markets? Must be much higher than that.

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