Judge on Drugs

Something doesn\’t sound quite right here:

A judge condemned politicians for downgrading cannabis yesterday as he jailed an "inspirational" teenager whose addiction to the drug turned him into a heroin dealer.

Judge Michael Murphy told Sheffield Crown Court that it was "a nonsense" to claim the drug was not addictive.

"You have to be in court for five minutes to realise what a nonsense that is," he said. "People are often addicted to it. It\’s an awful drug and it\’s the gateway to other drugs.

The gateway part is of course because it is illegal. Legal supply would make cannabis no more likely to turn people into heroin addicts than booze or fags do. Of coffee, for that matter.

Judge Murphy spoke out after hearing how Jerome Blake, 19, had been an inspirational community worker in Sheffield\’s deprived Burngreave area. But he began peddling heroin in order to feed his £20-a-day addiction to cannabis.

I\’m decades out of the market so I\’ve no idea how much inflation (or deflation) there\’s been, but can anyone actually smoke £20\’s worth of cannabis and still walk upright?

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  1. That’s a lot to be sure, most of the people I know that are regular users smoke that in a week. He’s basically smoking joints as if they were cigarettes.

    My understanding is that the drug is psychologically addictive, not chemically. The gateway aspect is purely that it is illegal, you try it, go “hey that wasn’t that bad, if that’s illegal, and those other drugs are illegal, maybe they’re not too bad either.” Cannabis shows the law to be an ass and so you question other aspects of law.

    One final note, I’m not sure what it being downgraded has to do with this guy’s circumstances. He was dealing heroin, a drug that no one has downgraded. If he had access to that and was willing to risk dealing it, then the movement from B to C of cannabis is unlikely to have altered his behaviour or access to it at all.

  2. Well, if that bloke trying to sue William Hill to regain his gambling debt wins his case, perhaps this chap can then sue his dealer for allowing him to buy so much…?

  3. Don’t joke JuliaM! There was a recent case in Canada where a woman successfully used a private prosecution to sue her dealer for selling her bad skag!

    And yes, £20 a day is a lot. You could conceivably run up £20 a day for the superior “pollen” (not in fact pollen) but you would still need to be smoking like a chimney to the point of becoming “smoked out” (it’s very difficult to smoke dope beyond a certain point of intoxication).

  4. £20 a day is a lot to smoke (~1/8 skunk), but many people I know did this in their youth. Some still do today. God knows how!

  5. How unusual to find a high court judge that is totally out of touch with the real world. Risking life imprisonment and an unlimited fine to finance a £20 a day habit – that’s what shiplifting is for.

  6. Ingram,

    Thats how much an eighth costs nowadays? When I last smoked it (about 9-10 years ago) an eighth cost a tenner.

    Thats still a lot of grass to smoke daily though – probably explains why his heroin dealing business fell apart – he was too bloody stoned all the time.

  7. “Thats how much an eighth costs nowadays? When I last smoked it (about 9-10 years ago) an eighth cost a tenner.”

    That’s resin rather than skunk though, unless you were getting an incredibly good deal.

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