Let\’s Nationalise Pharma Research

So says Dean Baker. Yup, great idea. Best response so far:


Have the politicians hire contractors to do the research. 20 billion is a vast amount of money. What percent of the contractors will be relatives of or major contributors to politicians. The government has a wonderful track record in dealing with contractors. This is an ideal task for Halliburton.

3 thoughts on “Let\’s Nationalise Pharma Research”

  1. Tim,

    even if every last one was a relative it would be a huge improvement over what we have today. The big difference would be that independent testers would have no incentive to lie about the results. I guess you don’t read the papers.

  2. Do we have even the slightest reason to believe that a government-backed pharma development process would be any less woeful than the typical government-backed IT development process?

  3. In so far as this guy thinks bringing politicians into the R & D process will increase the integrity of the process, I would suggest his pharmaceuticals are working just fine as they are.

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