Lordy, Lordy

Via, we get this, which leads to this.


Yup, the only reason a white woman might have married a black African was because of the Commies.

And Barack? Damn, he knew a known Commie!

Jebus people. please calm down. There\’s good things about his candidature (he\’s not Hillary) and bad things (he\’s a feel good liberal selling vapourware) but please, can we at least stay within the bounds of rationality in discussing him?

Good grief, soon we\’ll get to the point that I, who has indeed shared a bed with someone not of the same skin pigmentation, who has known and met all sorts of Commies (including, Gasp! North Koreans!) should be thought of not as the Classical Liberal I am, but as a Commie plant.

The Manchurian Timmeh perhaps.

5 thoughts on “Lordy, Lordy”

  1. All real feminists must vote against Hillary – she is a betrayal of everything they believe in. In the unlikely event that they do believe in it.

  2. I don’t get why lots of people are happy to label Obama as having nothing to sell. Go read Obsidian Wings’ multiple posts about Obama’s good legislative record. He’s a man that gets things done, and gets sensible and important things done.

  3. sanbikinoraion:
    That’s the worst possible thing! A politicians who gets things done? What havoc will he wreak by getting something done?

    As for having something to sell: like almost all politicians he’s selling snake oil. His snake oil is less putrid than Billary’s or McCain’s but its still snake oil.

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