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Margot Speaks Out!

How can you trust a country to have a serious vote when its citizens have recently voted to have a puppet turkey represent it in the Eurovision song contest?! I joke of course…

But of course, the European Parliament was not joking when it voted to ignore the result now, was it?

1 thought on “Margot Speaks Out!”

  1. The vote in Ireland on deciding the national entry for the European Song tournament suggests to me an immensely wise and sophisticated electorate. It’s for that same reason I expect the prospective referendum there (lucky ol’ Ireland) on whether to endorse the new EU Constitution to give wholehearted approval. I mean, consider the rewards to Ireland from EU membership:

    “The European Union budget increased only narrowly in 2005, by 0.01% of EU Gross National Income (GNI), while benefits were shared by all 25 Member States. The biggest Member States got nearly 2/3 of total allocated expenditure, similarly to 2004.

    “Ireland received net income from the European Union of € 1.4 billion. Receipts from the Common Agricultural Policy amounted to € 1.8 billion. Based on a resident Irish population of 4 million, per capita net income for Ireland was € 350 – the highest in the pre-enlargement EU15.”

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