Mark Kleinman on the Competition Commission Report

Sorry, but is he reading the same report I was?

Among the mistakes the commission seems to have made is to have virtually neglected the issue of the banks of land built up by supermarkets to prevent rivals from competing.


They identify 886 sites in the landbanks and almost all of these (all except 110) are indeed in the normal process of development.

They specifically and explicityly address this problem. And they find that the vast majority of such sites are there in the landbanks because the planning process takes up to a decade (there are horror stories of even longer) to allow development of a site.

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  1. I took someone to task on this on the BBC HYS site a few days ago – they were advocating a “use-it-or-lose-it” policy to force them to develop sites – my blood turned cold; since when was advocating fascism seen as a reasonable viewpoint?

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