Mary Riddell

In the Telegraph? What next? Polly and Mahdi following her?

…our big-bonus City bosses provide awful role models.

So, people who work all the hours God gave to finance industry, the thing which creates the wealth which is dragging hundreds of millions up out of destitution, who pay themselves a percentage of the value they create rather than a fixed fee, these are bad role models?

4 thoughts on “Mary Riddell”

  1. Because their reasons are altruistic. Unlike the civil servant or politician of course.
    Or journalists, the most altruistic bunch of them all. Obviously.

  2. It’s basically an intention versus result fallacy. For some people, getting a good result is not praiseworthy if the intention is bad (so improving society is no good if you are actually motivated by self-interest (or perhaps just honest about it)) whereas a bad result is praiseworthy if the intention is good (so making everyone poorer through central economic planning is OK as long as you are (allegedly) motivated by the desire to make everyone more equal).

  3. But people are NOT equal.

    The only way to make people more equal is the “Harrison Bergeron” way, i.e. hold the more able back.

  4. Depends, dunnit. The ones who prove to be grossly incompetent and crooked, as recession exposes their feet of clay, will probably not look like good role models. Mind you, I despise this whole “role models” doctrine anyway.

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