No Jury Trials

Well, that\’s another ancient right down the plughole:

Prosecutors are planning to apply for permission to hold a major criminal trial without a jury in what would be a legal first for England.

The Crown is pressing for a judge-only trial because of concerns that jurors in the case could be subject to intimidation or bribery.

It is understood the request – which will be submitted to the judge on Tuesday – follows consultation with the Director of Public Prosecution.

The trial involves members of an organised criminal network and follows a long police investigation into a large drug trafficking ring.

Provisions for dispensing with a jury if there is "evidence of a real and present danger that jury tampering would take place" were introduced in the Criminal Justice Act 2003, but have not previously been used.

Maybe it\’s even sensible in this one case: but who expects it to only be used for such cases?

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