Not Bad, Not Bad at All

It started with a horse called Isn\’t That Lucky and ended with one called A Dream Come True – a run of eight winners that turned a 50p stake into Britain\’s first million pound betting-shop pay-out.

An unnamed small-time gambler, believed to be in his sixties, backed eight horses to win races in a multiple bet called an accumulator, at combined odds of nearly 2.8 million to one.


3 thoughts on “Not Bad, Not Bad at All”

  1. Me old Grandad gradually lost all his money through the horsies. He couldn’t resist a flutter. He dreamed of this type of win, but like a lot of punters, he wanted the money to give away a nice little nest-egg to his family.

    I’m delighted for this winner, and I hope he spends it to his best advantage, and never gives the bookie another penny. Take the money and run.

    (I did. When I was fourteen I won 30 shillings from a shilling each way bet on Specify, in the National. He came home at 33 to one. And that’s when 30 bob was one pound ten. I took my serious folding money away, and never looked back.)

  2. Bookies love multiples, an absolute cash cow even with the odd one coming in like this.

    Fair play to him though, hope he lives it up!

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