Now It\’s Agriculture

Forget Peak Oil, Peak Minerals, it\’s realy Peak Agriculture we have to worry about.

Humanity has been in overshoot of the Earth\’s carrying capacity since
It abandoned hunter gathering in favor of crop cultivation (~ 8,000 BC) and it has been running up its ecological debt since then.

Yup, the earth\’s carrying capacity is the 3 million or so hunter gatherers, that\’s it.

Sheesh, where do these people come from?

4 thoughts on “Now It\’s Agriculture”

  1. “Sheesh, where do these people come from?”

    Yep, it’s time to abandon Earth for a new planet. I nominate these twats for the B Ark. Send them ahead to get the agriculture ready for the rest of us.

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  3. “Sheesh, where do these people come from?”

    Not sure where they came from, but from the map at their website, at least in the USA, they seem to be located where small “liberal arts” colleges abound. The usual suspects, I suppose.

  4. I totally agree with their outlook
    which if nothing else shows up the bankruptcy
    of the current greens
    who use the pre-Colombian natives a an example of conserving nature,when they died too early and often to make a serious dent in the forest primeval..
    but/and they raised corn, a totally artificial crop that did not exist in nature….

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