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What Clinton aides discovered is that in certain targeted districts, such as Democratic state Sen. Juan Hinojosa\’s heavily Hispanic Senate district in the Rio Grande Valley, Clinton could win an overwhelming majority of votes but gain only a small edge in delegates. At the same time, a win in the more urban districts in Dallas and Houston — where Sen. Barack Obama expects to receive significant support — could yield three or four times as many delegates.

Also here.

The thought that winning the popular vote might not get you a majority of the delegates. Haven\’t we been here before? Maybe they should get an expert in to change the party rules or something.

What\’s Al Gore been doing the last 8 years?

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  2. The greatest thing about the very great men who wrote the US Constitution is that they were very anxious to insure against the tyranny of the majority. I wold have thought that a libertarian would give this a nod of approval. (It’s a separate issue from the gerrymandering of districts, which John Lettice raises, incidentally.)

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