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Praise Where Praise is Due

I slag off the public services something rotten so it\’s only fair to remark when they\’ve done something efficiently.

Bath (actually BANES) have been most efficient in getting me back onto the electoral register. Well done them (it might even be a Wendy Loretz responsible, so well done her).

I\’ve also joined UKIP.

So the next thing is to get the application to be a candidate in. SW Region, as that\’s where I was born, grew up and is still my UK address.

Those who might want to join to vote for me (or against me of course) can do so here.

Those who don\’t want to do that quite yet will have to wait until those who do have, I find out whether I will actually be a candidate and then you *might* be able to vote for or against.


12 thoughts on “Praise Where Praise is Due”

  1. Errr, you live in Portugal, Tim. Much as I agree with your politics, it seems a bit of a stretch to represent an area that you live a few nation states away from. But other than that, I’d vote for you.

    Tim adds: Ah, but if chosen, I wouldn’t be based here.

  2. I don’t care where you live, I would vote for you in a second (were I British), just to have the experience of voting for a erudite liberatian.

    Should your bid fail, I think it time to seek an island to buy and get like-minded together to initiate a new State.

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  4. Though I might be persuaded to vote for an English National party, I would never ever vote for UKIP. A complete bunch of Kilroy Silks! If there is one zolverein more pointless than the EU, it’s the UK. Let’s split it up and be done with.

  5. All best wishes from this quarter as well though I must agree with Mark that the Union seems to have little to recommend it of late. I do get the feeling that if it came to an in/out vote the Celtic stateists might just swing it.
    For the Salmon independence from within the EU looks like a good deal. We still send them the Barnet money (although it’s laundered thru Brussels). They still send us their drunks. They also get to retain the benefits (small though they may be) that the UK has wrenched out of Europe because of its bargaining strength. If the UK pulls out, an independent Scotland applying to rejoin the EU is a whole different ball game. The Salmon would be the small fish in the pond with Latvia & Estonia. As for the leek merchants & whoever the top boyo is (I really can’t be bothered but it’s not the badger fancier now, is it?) it’s Scotland writ smaller. I don’t think we’ll be hearing the Dragon economy talked about with the same enthusiasm as the Tiger economies for some time yet.
    The lot I would feel a bit sorry for is the Prods over in Ulster. A lot of them’d want to stick with England but I ‘d imagine the leadership would see Civil War written in very big letters on their career prospects & do a deal with the south.
    Anyway, I’ll be taking Wight nationality as soon as it’s available. I hear they’re going to be declaring virgins a national resource. Both of them.

  6. I’d vote for you Tim in a second, were it not for me living in Yorkshire, and the fact that my district has voted Labour in for as long as its been classified…very depressing…

  7. Philip – he could always just move south to Gibraltar. That’s part of south-west England for the purposes of European Elections…

    But UKIP? Really? I know they’ve got a little bit better over the last couple of years, but still…

  8. Welcome Tim!
    Will you be a candidate for Westminster?

    Tim adds: Quite possibly. Will be at the SW meeting on the 8th in Exeter and will start discussing such matters.

  9. Tim,

    I joined UKIP some years back having become totally disallusioned with the lib/lab/con axis of evil.

    The party needs to improve its media profile hugely and push the message out there as to the real impact the EU has on people’s day to day life. I am sure you can help in that department.

    Stuff the nanysayers as no other mainstream party will take us out of the EU as all of the pols have one eye on the unnacoutable gravy train ride that awaits them within the EU.

    After all, where else would politicians of the extreme high calibre and moral standing of Kinnock and Mandelsen go if it were not for the generosity of the ‘colleauges’ within the EU.

  10. Now that is a surprise. Obviously understand where you’re coming from but even so, wasn’t expecting you to go partisan in such a way.

    Still, SW region could do with a better MEP than the ignorant “can’t argue a case for toffee” fool they’ve got already (yes, I have met Booth several times, and watching first year politics students walk rings around him was embarrasing).

    Not that I think you’ve a chance of beating him to first place in a ballot but good luck trying. Up in Yorkshire now, don’t have the contacts I used to have to point em at you, sorry 😉

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