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Reefer Madness Again

The use of super-strength "skunk" cannabis has soared five-fold over the past six years, a Home Office study has found.


We\’re told this in the same shocked tones the doctor uses when announcing that you\’ve got cancer. That this is clear evidence that some disaster is happening.

But why? Whether people are smoking a stronger drug or not is irrelevant…..unless we know whether people are smoking more or less of it. We don\’t actually care whether people are drinking beer or whisky, we care (to the extent that we care at all) how many units they\’re drinking.

So, we don\’t care whether cannabis is stronger or weaker. We care, to the extent that we care at all, about how much is being smoked. given that no one is mentioning that I\’ll assume that volume is down and strength up: if volume was up they\’d definitely be mentioning it.

Update. Aha!

A more potent "skunk" form of cannabis now accounts for 70-80% of the British market for the drug, but many users are cutting down and only smoking enough to get high, the initial results of a Home Office study show.

Given that the smoke itself causes damage, smoking less to get to a certain high is actually an improvement in public health terms.


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