Richard Murphy Again

Good grief.

To do the latter denies the fact that tax paid is a dsitribution to society out of profit for the licence given to an enterprise to operate. It is not a cost.

Tax is not a cost? Barmy.

9 thoughts on “Richard Murphy Again”

  1. “licence given to an enterprise to operate”

    And for individuals? A licence granted by the State to exist? Oh thank you, my Lords, thank you.

    So funny, how people of the Left in the Guardian are so keen on feudalism.

  2. “So funny, how people of the Left in the Guardian are so keen on feudalism.”

    That’s because they always see themselves as the masters, never the serfs…

  3. Feudalism had, at least in theory, rights and responsibilities in both directions. Modern government, at least in practice, hasn’t.

  4. What is it with these people, in thrall to a non-existent artifact, a con trick to give some the excuse to parasite on the enterprise of others?

  5. Medieval Kings demanded a tax or relief in return for redress of grievances. It’s that tricky second part modern government forgets.

  6. I think you need a separate category just for Richard Murphy. Idiotarians is too broad-brush. He raises fuckwittery to its apotheosis. His utter and total wrongheadedness is sui generis.

  7. Murphy continues to remove comments he doesn’t like and won’t engage with so, it remains to record these somewhere else.

    I crave your indulgence here:” Sigh. Scissors out again, I see. Still your obdurate refusal to countenance any view but your own is being logged elsewhere.

    “All the arguments”? No, only your own, which in seeking to bolster your own contention re Tesco’s are worthless.

    Nothing like agreeing with yourself, is there?”

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