Right On!

The one redeeming feature of the place was the kids. They were anarchic, testosterone fuelled, BMX heroes who could find a way through two insurance padlocks and an engine immobiliser on a piece of site plant in 10 minutes flat. They were fit, lean, lithe, careless of any danger, disrespectful of any authority, infinitely crafty and resourceful and bored out of their skulls. The kids were at war with the whiny minging estate cunts. You can tell I liked them.

I had a visit from the local plod sergeant – a weasel faced little dickhead puffed with the stupidity of his own importance but who hadn\’t outgrown his acne scars. He wanted my help to \’trap\’ some of the kids. "We can\’t let PCSOs patrol here because the kids throw stones at them" he said. "Well, they don\’t fucking throw stones at me, mate" I said "Perhaps it\’s because I treat them like adults and have a banter and a laugh with them". He didn\’t like that.

What the place needed more than anything else was a paternal seen-it-all NCO with 20 years under his belt and a pile of attestation forms – these kids were God\’s own natural soldiers. Three months at Catterick and swapping their BMXs for GPMGs and I swear to God they would have out-soldiered, out-fought, out-thought and trounced any other foreign military force on the planet.

We have traditionally produced the finest infantry in the world from precisely those kids: mix in those NCO\’s and add a few chinless wonders to wave batons and drawl, "Come on men, I know you won\’t let The Regiment down" and you can conquer a quarter of the globe, as we did.

We might not want to do the conquering bit again but the (voluntary, of course) training might not be a bad idea, eh?

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  1. True, but it would be nice if the army or criminality weren’t the only two choices these kids face. That we have failed to impose any sort of control on them, whether external or internal, means that they cannot acquire the education or training to partake of other options, which are arguably even lower than they were generations ago, when at least a job at the local factory, mill or works stood in readiness as a third path.

  2. Come off it – claiming undisciplined yahoos make good soldiers. Most soldiers in WW2 were very ordinary , law abiding , ‘hostilities only’ men.
    You have to be that way to march into machine gun fire when ordered.

  3. John,

    “claiming undisciplined yahoos make good soldiers.”

    Correct. Undisciplined yahoos would be atrocious soldiers.

    However, you can take undisciplined yahoos, train them up, give them some self-esteem and pride in their regiment and you end up with extremely disciplined soldiers who can unleash the yahoo bit that lurks underneath it all when required.

    That is what the British Army has been doing with spectacular results for a very long time.

    “You have to be that way to march into machine gun fire when ordered.”

    Which is why we should never ever go back to conscription. It is why an officer trades only upon his integrity and leadership. An officer who does order his men to march into machine gun fire is either a spectacular leader or not long for the job.

  4. Well we used to send them down coal mines.

    I never did that myself, but I understand that it is rather like a firing squad, in terms of focussing the mind.

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