Scum, We\’re Ruled by Incompetent Scum

The latest missive from Dan Hardie on the Iraqi employees drops into my mail box.

Read it here.

A small number of Iraqis – fewer than a dozen, according to people close to the operation who are in contact with me- were removed from Iraq in the early autumn of 2007. Since the Prime Minister’s admirable declaration of October, how many Iraqi ex-employees have been evacuated from Iraq? According to all the Iraqis that I am in contact with: none.

Truly, I don\’t know whether this is te simpe inability of government to handle even the most prosaic of tasks ("So, you\’d like a piece of paper to enter the country would you? Well, there you are then") or whether there is some malicious motivation behind it.

But clearly more pressure needs to be applied. Go see how Dan thinks you can help.

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