Shell\’s Profits

Unite joint general secretary Tony Woodley called the profits "obscene", adding: "Greedy oil companies should be asked to contribute for the common good." The AA said some of the windfall profits should be used to improve conditions for the motorist.

Providing the motorist with the fuel to power her car isn\’t enough?

Mr Van der Veer pointed out UK Treasury taxes account for well over 50pc of the price of petrol at the pump, and that the vast bulk of the Anglo-Dutch company\’s profits were made outside Britain. Most of its earnings come from exploration and production, not from UK petrol sales.

But they are paying tax on those profits made elsewhere. Some $18 billion indeed. That\’s enough isn\’t it?

3 thoughts on “Shell\’s Profits”

  1. Tony Woodley’s comment about only shareholders benefitting and not stakeholders was choice. Many of the shareholders are institutions i.e. the sort of companies that provide pensions to union members.

  2. The reason for Tony Woodley’s wilful ignorance is contained in this quote from this government report

    ” Almost three in five (58.8 per cent) public sector employees in the United Kingdom were union members.
    Only one in six (16.6 per cent) private sector employees in the United Kingdom were union members in 2006. ”

    Union members by and large mulct the taxpayer for their pensions – they don’t (think they) depend on wealth producing commerce and industry.

  3. Why do these imbeciles (and the MSM generally) focus completely on the bare gross profit figure?

    Have they any idea how much capital Shell employs to turn that profit?

    No, thought not.

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