Snark, Snark

Many British expatriate communities refuse to integrate with their host nations. They congregate in ugly ghettos in the French countryside and along the Spanish coast, eating their own food – egg and chips; imported Marmite – and speaking their own language. They offend the tolerant and peaceable people of their host nations with their imported and alien customs of "binge drinking", promiscuity and visible displays of pink flesh.

Though many of them claim to have been "forced" out of their own country by a "totalitarian" government and a punitive tax regime, let us be clear: these people are selfish economic migrants. The worst of them write seditious letters to newspapers back home in an attempt to destabilise the Government.

A large number sponge off their host states – taking advantage, for example, of the advantageous tax regime available in the Republic of Ireland, or earning money in the United Kingdom by "teleworking" and failing to declare it in their host nations. Some join the black economy – taking payments in cash or avoiding tax by domiciling their assets offshore. Still others turn to crime, using their expertise to join the banking sector.

But to stereotype all emigrants in that way is to ignore the vast contribution they can make to the countries in which they live. It is to fall victim to one of the ugliest and most canting paranoias of our age.

The vast majority of emigrants are people who only want the best for themselves and their families. Indeed, many of them form the backbone of their host nations\’ economies – bringing skills in short supply over there, and doing the jobs that natives of those countries consider beneath them: as lawyers, public relations executives and marketing men.

Is it so bad to take advantage of the lowest tax regime you can find, within the law? And is it so wrong to save up as much of your monthly pay-packet as you can, so as to send money – as very many do – home to your family back in England?

Tee Hee. Very good Sam.

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  1. They offend the tolerant and peaceable people of their host nations with their imported and alien customs of “binge drinking”, promiscuity and visible displays of pink flesh.

    That’s why a few of us chose Russia: when we indulge in binge drinking, promiscuity and visible displays of pink flesh, we fit right in with our hosts.

  2. “That’s why a few of us chose Russia”

    It’s interesting that Russia was created to a large extent by Vikings from Sweden (the ‘Rus’ of legend). And that England was created by Jutes (descended from Swedes), Angles and Saxons (descended from Swedes), large swathes of which spent time under the Danelaw (colonised by Danes, descended from Swedes).

    Is it any wonder that the DNA sloshing around us, and our cultural inheritance from piss heads from Sweden, that we indulge in the odd tipple?

  3. It’s always struck me as being grimly ironic that many British emigrants to Spain and France (amongst other places) cite as part of their reasons that they don’t like what the UK has become, because of immigration.

    And so they go, and become what they apparently despise – refusing to integrate, demanding allowances be made for their own customs and preferences and language, causing chaos with health services and local government services, who of course are expected to translate things.

    The best bit is that they seem to be the only people who aren’t capable of appreciating the irony!

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