Sngh! Splurt, Snort

Indeed, who can now doubt that anyone can be a journalist.

The Democratic Party actually intends to put a Muslim fundamentalist in the White House. Yes, you read it right. They want to put a man of Muslim origins in the White House.

Barack Hussein Obama hit the campaign trail from nowhere and continues to gain momentum as his political handlers crank out generic catchphrases to lure the unsuspecting voter with words like hope and change.

I belive crystal meth is doing terrible damage out there in Kansas.

6 thoughts on “Sngh! Splurt, Snort”

  1. Tim –

    Obviously, the nearly-omnipresent Mad Verity is not yet a denizen of your blogdom, as she is over at DK’s and Iain Dales’s (and just about any other decent blog). If she were then this would be old hat to you.

  2. Some shocking stupidity indeed, but no less moronic than the candidates themselves or the other journalists that are covering them. We seem to be narrowing ourselves down to the man who wants to bomb Iran against the person who wants to force health insurance down everyone’s throat.
    Anyone out there predicting an unheard of sweeping victory for the Libertarian candidate?

  3. If it convinces a few folks to vote Republican rather than Democrat, what’s the problem? The Democrats have been pushing the chimpybushitler meme far too long to start calling foul now

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