The Fawcett Society on the Gender Pay Gap

Here\’s what the Fawcett Society says on its web page aout the gender pay gap.

Women working full-time are paid on average 17% less an hour than men (or 36% less if they work part-time).

I wrote to them to complain.

The 36% number is reached by comparing male full time wages to female part time wages. If you compare male part time wages to female part time wages then the gap is 11% (in the private sector). The EOC, where the original calculation comes from, made this clear, that they were comparing full to part time wages. As you can see, the Fawcett Society do not.

Their response: 

The figures that we provide do not \’misinform\’ journalists. The 36% figure compares women working part-time to men working full-time. This is a valid comparison to make, because one of the major issues in pay inequality is that part-time work, disproportionately carried out by women due to caring responsibilities, is undervalued and there is not enough good quality part-time work. This comparison demonstrates this point. For these reasons, the part-time pay gap has always been calculated this way, not just by Fawcett but by the Equal Opportunities Commission and the Government.

They\’ve not got it, have they? My complaint is that they do note make the full time/part time calculation clear. Which they don\’t.

2 thoughts on “The Fawcett Society on the Gender Pay Gap”

  1. “They’ve not got it, have they?”

    Oh, they have got it. Very much so. What they don’t want is anyone else to get it (churnalists take note).

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