There\’s an Explanation for This

It is possible, I suppose, that even now I could outgrow these prejudices. In my early twenties for example, I finally discovered a love for salted anchovies. Until that point I had hated them. Now if I see the word anchovy on a menu I\’m likely to order the dish. I was actually in my early thirties when I finally discovered a taste for goat\’s cheese. Previously it had tasted too much for me of what the animal smells like. I think I just became a little earthier and decided I liked that smell.

It\’s because both your sense of taste and sense of smell decline as you age. Thus you do reach a point where what were previously extravagantly strong flavours become palatable. Nothing to do with becoming earthier, it\’s because you yourself are crumbling into the grave.

9 thoughts on “There\’s an Explanation for This”

  1. I suspect it’s also because when we’re young we prefer blander flavours. Young people tend to add lemonade to their beer, and lime to their lager. They prefer Liebfraumilch to an oaky Chardonnet, or a Cab Sauv. There’s probably an anthropological angle to it.

  2. “Maturing”, please. Crumbling into the grave is just a bit, well, stark for seven on a Sunday morning.

  3. Having enjoyed your comments for some time, it may be that, with the above post, you may find that, rather than “crumbling toward the grave”, it would be more profitable to investigate the one thing that saved our homeland from tryants for a thousand years.
    Respectfully suggest that now it may be time for to help do for your soul what age has done to your feelings for goat cheese.

  4. Thank whatever deities happen to be lurking around, then, that I’ve not crumbled so far towards the grave that I can tolerate blue cheese.


  5. You seem to appeal to the anti-blue cheese Papist-loonie set, Tim. I suspect Polly must have set them on you.

  6. I’m slightly troubled that you would confuse me with a religious fundamentalist loony of any persuasion, or indeed anyone about whom it could be said “Polly sicced me on ya!”

    But only slightly. Go forth, dearieme, and sin no more.

  7. Mark, I think I’m the “religious fundamentalist looney” in question.
    As sometimes quotes, “blessed are you when you’re reviled”, so I am grateful for such comments. If dearieme understood that the site actually provides a way for fundamentalism to be the most reasonable form of Catholicism to computer literate people, she, too, might develop a fondness for goat cheese.

  8. An ageist blog for sure.
    To blandly assume that youth is the peak of taste is pure spoilt brat arrogance.
    You will be real sorry when you grow up.

  9. This must explain why older women can usually be relied upon to give magnificent head, whereas younger dolls seem to be a bit more prissy about these things. So I’ve read.

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