Those Tory Changes

Oh dear, still some educational work needed here I\’m afraid. Remedial educational work too:

Mr Osborne signals that, if elected, a Tory government would try to reverse the increase and adds: "I\’m a Conservative who believes in lower taxes. If I am chancellor I will approach each Budget seeing whether the country can afford lower taxes."

The country can always afford tax cuts. The question is whether the spending desires of the State can afford tax cuts. The country and the State are not in fact the same thing.

That the police should charge people lesser crimes rather than the CPS: isn\’t that a simple return to what we used to have? But this:

The party would also bring in "virtual courts" – linking custody suites at police stations and magistrates\’ courts by video – to allow some hearings to take place without offenders having to be brought to court.

That really depends. If it\’s a hearing about whether the trial should be on Tuesday or Thursday afternoon, why not? But if it\’s a hearing to charge someone, or to try someone, then it\’s a very large change in the basics of the law: that you be physically present when you\’re tried. It is, in fact, if it were to extend to say charging hearings, an abolition of habeus corpus. And I thiink we\’ve gone far enough down that path, of destroying basic freedoms and liberties in this country, don\’t you think?

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