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A most amusing little coincidence at the Guardian this morning.


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  1. Nice piece of writing there. It’s why I use the MSM as a jump off to the blogosphere to get some facts. Of course there’s lots of rubbish there too, but the gold makes up for that.

    By the way, I assume that the 11% figure is across all jobs, so a non-exec director – mostly male for historical reasons – on £1000 a day is in the same comparison pool as an office cleaner – mostly female for childcare reasons. I bet the like-for-like comparison is nearer to 0%.

    Tim adds: Indeed, the comparisons are across the averages of all jobs. The ONS breaks them down across age, part time, full time etc, but the usually quoted figures are across all jobs. When you actually look at jobs against jobs, there’s pretty much no pay gap: except in those areas where you would expect them. Male greater strength leads to higher wages in manual labour. If you believe Simon Baron Cohen about (on average) greater female empathy then higher wages per hour for female as opposed to male nurses are no surprise.

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