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Over at EQSQ.

About maternal profiling and why banning it leads to an increase in the gender pay gap.

Slightly boring aside: I\’m paid to write over there and they\’ve asked me to treat it like a proper blog, rather than the google bait it was before. So I\’ll be going over the gender pay gap sorta subjects over there, rather than here. Let you know if there\’s anything you might be interested in, of course.

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  1. The Guardian article is interesting because the woman who’s the “hero” behind this is only being disadvantaged against because of employment rights.

    She’s 53, so she’s not going to be having any more, so maternity leave isn’t an issue. And with an 11 & 14 year old, managing childcare isn’t going to be such a problem.

    But companies often think simply. They come up with simple policies that might be “no single mothers”, and probably don’t care about losing the odd 53-year old by that.

    Without regulations for employment rights, she’d have had more chance of an interview because such questions wouldn’t be asked. She’d get hired, expected to sort her own situation out, and get fired if she couldn’t manage it.

  2. Huh. If you could have heard the triumphal squawk from SWMBO as I finished that EQSQ test. Empathising, 22. Systemising, 90. “See!!” she hollered….. “I told you you’re most of the way to Asperger’s Syndrome!”

    Yours, very boringly (apparently)


    Tim adds: back in the very early days of my writing there I took the tests. The results led to the Big Cheese asking me if I was actually alive. Very, very low on both. Sorta, I am completely blind to what others think and don’t care either. 🙂

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