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At the GI.

This really is most amusing, most amusing indeed.

You know that horrible long working hours culture we\’ve got? The way the work/life balance is out of whack? The way in which Denmark and Sweden, for example, do it all so much better?

Umm, you know that their total work weeks are longer than ours?

2 thoughts on “Timmy Elsewhere”

  1. It’s worth noting that with the exception of France the US has the least lesiure. But you know, eating is counted as non-leisure. That’s a bit bizarre.

    Tim adds: The eating bit: they sort things into three categories. Work, leisure and things you don’t get paid for but have to do to survive. Seems fair enough really.

  2. It does, but as long as you are aware that eating is counted as non-leisure and don’t make extrapolation based on it that aren’t justifiable.

    Incidentally the survey shows Sweden and Denmark have higher market working hours than the UK, so it’s not important for that.

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