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It appears that the more socialism and equality you\’ve had forced upon you the less socialism and equality you actually desire.

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  1. I’m not sure that’s the right analysis, given that the report also shows that Eastern Europeans *do* have a higher preference for income equality than the developed world in general.

    Perhaps a better summary would be “if you live in a country ruled by tyrannical maniacs from Moscow who send a sizeable proportion of your population to death camps and the rest to Siberia, and call it socialism, then you’ll hate the idea of socialism much more than if you live in a country ruled by inept and occasionally brutal local bureaucrats who pay nominal tribute to the tyrannical maniacs in Moscow, and call it socialism”.

    Tim adds: Not quite as rhetorically fun as my formulation of course. I think the thing that amuses me the most is the way the whole thing opens. That the general assumption is that (and they do describe this as being the general assumption in the literature) having been under socialism, they desire more equality. As if they really had got somewhere in creating New Soviet Man.

  2. [for those who haven’t read the piece, it differentiates between former Soviet Union states who don’t like the idea of income equality, and Eastern European non-former-SU states who do like it]

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