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About trade and tariffs n\’ stuff.

My original final line was something like: "Barriers to trade are therefore made up of both the costs of transport and tariffs and quotas. We\’re told that if we raise tariffs and quotas we\’ll become richer: if someone told you that raising the cost of transport would make us richer you would rightly think him insane. So with tariffs."

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5 thoughts on “Timmy Elsewhere”

  1. I don’t think it adds anything. I’m sceptical that trade barriers increase economic well-being in the vast majority of cases, but I do think some countries have benefitted from them for a short while, and hence in those cases saying they used tariffs or they made the cost of transporting the goods more expensive doesn’t seem to make any difference.

  2. “Tim Worstall is an Englishman who has failed at many things.” Tim Wastrel, then. I dare say they called you that at school.

  3. but I do think some countries have benefitted from them for a short while,

    Problem is, they are like heroin. Easy to start, difficult to give up, even when the horrific reality is obvious.

  4. Serf – I don’t disagree (except your language is, unusually, a bit extreme). My point is more that the comparision with transport costs doesnt really make the point any more forcefully – it’s no more obvious that raising transport costs of imports is a silly thing than raising the costs of imports directly.

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