Torygraph Headline

Yes, I know, Iain Dale doesn\’t write his own headlines:

For all our sakes, Boris Johnson must win

Someone\’s going a little over the top there aren\’t they? Sure, it would be nice if Boris won, but it\’s hardly a matter of any great import: life will go on, babies will be born, some will shuffle off this mortal coil and the influence of either of them on the bit that comes in between will be highly marginal.

I mean, come on, this is politics: not anything important.

5 thoughts on “Torygraph Headline”

  1. If Ken wins then it sends a message that corrupt thieving lying snakes can make it in politi.. ah. I see your point.

  2. If you think Ken is a commie, then you’re stark raving mad. He’s an opportunist, who was hard-left when 1980s Labour was hard-left, and who’s corporate-centrist now that 2000s Labour (and Tories) are corporate-centrist.

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