Waitron Unit of the Year Award

Via, this:


There isn\’t a waiter alive who hasn\’t wanted to do that to one customer or another.

Yes, it\’s terribly naughty, tsk, tsk, but if there really were a Waitron Unit of the Year Award, one where the electoral college were composed only of those with at least five years\’ experience beneath the tray (people, like, say, me), then that would be the runaway winner for 2008 and it\’s not even the end of February yet.

4 thoughts on “Waitron Unit of the Year Award”

  1. Agreed that waitrons often want to do this.

    But … so do customers. I’ve written a few notes on restaurant checks over the years. Unfortunately, I’m also restrained by the memory of the waitress who ran out to the parking lot to yell at me about what I wrote.

  2. Also, what amazes me is the items on this bill – in a small city in the west, no less.

    Garlic bread?
    Parma ham?

    This is not the cuisine of the England I lived in during 1983-4.

    And … melon? I actually don’t ever think I even saw one of those in England in 83-4.

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