We Own Your Child

And we\’ll jail you if you try to escape:

A father has been jailed for helping his pregnant wife flee abroad because she was terrified that social services would take her baby.

The 56-year-old businessman drove his wife and her eight-year-old son from a previous marriage to Dover, and then on to Paris.

He was arrested on his return to Britain and lost a High Court appeal earlier this week to have a 16-month sentence reduced.

5 thoughts on “We Own Your Child”

  1. Well of course he was jailed: he was an accessory to theft. The state owns the baby, he helped take it, ergo he must do time.

    And I must say, a 16 month sentence is too lenient. You can get 16 months for trivial crimes like kicking someone in the head and giving them permanent brain damage.

  2. A muddled story to put it mildly. Why was the older child fostered? A volatile marriage is not enough for that. Was he taken away by force or did the volatile parents hand him over, then divorcing? It all sounds ghastly and one would put nothing past the social services but in this case a little more information would be helpful.

  3. Indeed – children do have a right to life, too, and if the State reasonably suspects that a child’s parents are beating hir, etc, then surely it has a responsibility to intervene for the good of the child.

    And of course there need to be a great deal of safeguards to prevent false positives, but there simply isn’t enough information in this case to tell whether the child would have been at risk if left with his mother.

  4. In Bristol, the council’s social services department evidently doesn’t believe in prying into personal affairs:

    “The body of a man believed to have been dead for nearly 10 years has been found in a flat which was still occupied by a council tenant. The corpse – the occupier’s former lodger – was discovered by local authority workers in Bristol on a lounge sofa after neighbours reported a foul smell. . . It is believed the tenant, who is also in his 70s, failed to report the death because he suffers from severe mental health problems. . . Bristol City Council has launched an internal inquiry to establish how the corpse went unnoticed for so long.”

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