Why We Zig Zag

The comment on this seems appropriate:

Why do scientists get paid for researching into the blindingly obvious? How much did this research cost the taxpayer?


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  1. What else can “researchers” like this do? There are no jobs left in manufacturing, the financial sector is collapsing with fraud piled upon fraud, and, as planned, the only jobs left are in the growing fields of nit-picking and cranking out drivel and panic.
    It’s worse in countries that have abandoned Catholicism. That, in fact, is the root cause of giving credibility to nit-picking and drivel. There is a new way back to The Church that once protected us from second-rate minds and the horrors they produce on catholicfundamentalism.com As things get worse, it’s something to consider.

  2. Well, I suppose that if developing a detailed understanding of WHY “something apparently obvious is apparently so” were assumed to be a waste of brainpower and resources, Sir Isaac Newton might realistically have concluded that apples fall off trees just because it’s obvious that they do.

    And we’d still be running round burning people who didn’t believe the Earth is the centre of the Universe. And if people hadn’t bothered researching how we walk or breathe or see or hear or think, in the face of the obvious fact that we DO, then whole areas of medicine would still be based on witchcraft.

    Do try to think a bit more clearly, peeps 🙂

  3. The newspaper report on the academic article states “… they explain that zig-zagging requires less puff.” This is for going uphill.

    Agreed, and it’s obvious: a sort of gearbox for bipeds and quadrupeds.

    But most of us also zig-zag going downhill, which is not so explained.

    Did the academic article explain that too? [I have yet to find a copy.] Or is there scope for me to move into a new field: ‘theoretical biology’, not only with a bigger (and so better) question, but a possible answer too. In fact three possible answers, two of which overlap with the benefits of the uphill zig-zag – beyond those of puff reduction.

    Sadly, I recon not: because those possible answers are also obvious.

    Best regards

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